Friday, August 7, 2009

A lot to say!

Today I've got a lot to say. Since I did sooo many things in the last fiew months, I've got sooo many things to show you, let's go!
First, fondant! I've always admired those cakes, so I thought I'd give fondant a shot! Here's my 1up mushroom from Mario Bros.

After I realized that it was as malleable and fun as play dough, I HAD to taste it...>_<


Second, my friend asked me to make her daughter's 4th birthday cake. I rented a book at the library and let the girl chose (sorry can't remember the name of the book)

Here it is:

All the accessories are fondant. The cake is chocolate. The powders in the small containers in front are powdered sugar with food coloring. The mother AND the daughter loved the result. After that cake, I realized that that much fondant was not THAT good...


And here's my son's 5th birthday cake! He wasn't sure if he would go with a Mario Bros. or Zelda theme. After a looooong heart breaking decision, he went with Zelda for this year! Next year, Mario Bros. ^_^

Fondant covered vanilla cake. He absolutely wanted Tetra to be there as a statue. That's the grey thing between the rock and the bridge.
Link and Zelda:


Bakerella is a Goddess, everyone knows it! I tried her "burger cupcakes".

Cookie fries:

Cupcake breads:

Burger with frites:

I know, that ketchup and mayo are a strange color, that's all I had at the time >_<. When I was done with the fries, I had some cookie dough left, I decided to make little people out of it. My son wanted to taste the cookie dough, but I had use it all... So we had to amputate!
... aaaaand here's the result to that:

He's waaaay to sensitive... -_-

But as soon as he got his burger...

Ah! kids... They can forget so easily... ^_^


Bento love! ^_^

Here you can see: rice, nori, cherry tomatoes, eggs (the small chicks are eggs... sorry can't find the link to the website that showed how to make them), carrots, cucumbers, cheese, saucages and meat wraps. De last picture is the one I made (smaller) for my son. I didn't make them for lunch... I made them just for fun... I know... -_- 

And the dessert that night... Kiwis and strawberries with apple sauce sprinkled with cinnamon and vanilla sugar... and, of course, chocolate pockies! ^_~


Cupcakes!!! Yeah!!! I made cupcakes today and my son offered to help.. yeah, of course... He had just started when he already gave up! I told him that he had to, at least, finish the one he had started and he could go play right after. So I made them all by myself, just like the big girl that I am! -_-
Vanilla cupcakes and frosting with fondant.

First theme; Mario bros. (Of course!)

I kinda like the flower... Bowser looks like a cross between him and Krusty the clown x_x. The 1 up mushroom is the one that my 5 year old had to finish!

Second theme; superheros!

I love the superman one!!! I am so proud of myself! It's just a shame that there is all this black on the red! -_- Spiderman was the easiest... not very nice, but once digested, no one would notice the difference! And batman... HAHAHAHA!!!!

Cute faces:


And finally; animals!

Yup, that's hello kitty... At least it's supposed to be... ^_^ And I loooove that panda!
I'm leaving you today with a picture I took from one of my son's best friend!
see ya x

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