Monday, December 28, 2009

The after Christmas

Well, here we are!
I have to say that I am a little sad that Christmas went by so fast. We only had 2 parties. One at my place and one at my in-laws that both ended really early. Of course, the new year is just around the corner, but I have absolutely no plans!

So, 2010 being very close... I have so many resolutions I must make, I don't know where to start! Actually, I don't like that word: resolution... Nobody respects these engagements, I prefer to say: changes that need to be made! 

1: Lose weight
I won't be losing any weight for others, that's for sure. But I gained 35 lbs in 6 months and I really don't like myself right now. I've always been quite small and now, to have all that extra weight, is very hard on my self esteem.

2: Finding and keeping a job that I like.
First: finding, of course. The problem is, I am so scared of going forward because I'm afraid to fall! I am shutting doors in my own face, because I'm afraid of taking some risks... so, in 2010, I'll just go for it!

3: Positivity.
I want to stop being so negative and need to start being positive. I must stop telling me that I wont be able to do this or that... It's kind of like # 2...

4: Pay all my debts!
Of course, they are as much Martin's as they are mine. So, TEAM WORK!

5: Move into a house.
Ok, for starters, it will be rented, because I won't be able to afford a house in 2010, but that's a start!

I'm leaving you with a picture that I just love! Found it on the web. My future kitchen! Oh yeah!!! ^_^

kisses x

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